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We don't know what will happen in Burma tomorrow, but it is important that we are ready for change and transition when it takes place.

Therefore I want to be part of the struggle to build a more peaceful and just society, and use the skills I have gained to benefit the country as a whole.
Forthcoming Prospect Burma Talk at The Savile Club

A Concert for Prospect Burma on Tuesday September 30th
with SAVILIANS NATHAN WILLIAMSON (piano) and JOSH HTET (vocal/guitar)


The programme for the evening will showcase a curious and wonderful mixture of Burmese folk and Western classical music. Nathan, the club’s resident pianist, will perform two Impromptus by Schubert and Aaron Copland’s Piano Sonata. Nathan will be joined by Josh Htet on vocals and guitar, and together they will perform a selection of well-known traditional and modern Burmese folk songs. The evening will also celebrate the launch of Clouds, their EP featuring some of these beautiful folk songs from Burma. Proceeds from sales of the CD will be donated to Prospect Burma. 


Date: Wednesday 30th September


Time: 6.30pm for concert at 7.15pm, followed by (optional) dinner at 8.30pm


Location: Savile Club, 69 Brook Street, London W1K 4ER


Cost: £20 welcome drinks and concert (£15 of the ticket price will be donated to Prospect Burma)

Plus an additional £30 (optional) for three course dinner with wine


Dress code: Elegantly casual, jacket and tie, no jeans or trainers.



TO BOOK A PLACE PLEASE EMAIL MAJA at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call her on 020 7491 5563


£15 from the sale of each ticket to the concert will be donated to Prospect Burma


Nathan Williamson is a highly acclaimed pianist, and has played at concert venues all over the world. His own works have been performed frequently across Europe and North America, and he is constantly in demand as a composer to create new pieces for performance by other artists and orchestras worldwide.


Josh Htet is an alumnus of the Prospect Burma scholarship programme and also a trustee of the charity. He has sung Burmese folk songs since childhood. Josh performs traditional and modern folk songs which have inspired millions in Burma, and has appeared at various well known venues across the UK including Christ Church Spitalfields, 93 Feet East and Greenbelt Arts Festival.


Monks_at_Shwedagon_PagodaEducation has always been one of my chief concerns as it is, together with health care, the most important need for the future of Burma. Without an educated and qualified population efforts to build a stable, developed society would be obstructed by insurmountable difficulties.

Prospect_Burma_StudentsProspect Burma is a non-political charity which does its best to fill the gap. It funds scholarships for young Burmese, most of whom have been forced to look for their education abroad.

I am very proud to learn that Prospect Burma has grown so much since its foundation. Unfortunately an enormous amount still remains to be done to help young people in Burma acquire education of a standard that would enable them to take their country forward in this global age.

I therefore appeal to our friends and supporters all over the world to help Burma towards a sound future by giving generously to Prospect Burma. Every penny givien can make a difference to the prospects of our young people and hence of our country.
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Aung San Suu Kyi


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You can now meet fellow Prospect Burma grantees in our new Facebook group, available to all students and alumni. If you would like to join please read the instructions in the Student Info section.

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