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I want everyone back home to know that their voices will be heard as long as Prospect Burma is there for students like us.

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  • Aung San Suu Kyi speaks out on education

    26 Nov 2010

    The following excerpt is taken from Irrawaddy magazine. Q: The exiled Burmese community is becoming larger and larger. Hundreds of thousands of Burmese have left their country illegally, most of them from the younger generation. You have often spoken about[…]

  • Who are the students?

    25 Jun 2006

    Many of the 1988 generation of student protesters and refugees whom we first helped to obtain qualifications have now rebuilt their lives.  Some of our students are able to return to Burma after their studies and now work with health[…]

  • Joanna Lumley appeals on behalf of Prospect Burma

    6 May 2001

    PB News Issue No. 4, Autumn 2001  On May 6 2001, Joanna Lumley broadcast an appeal on Radio 4 on behalf of Prospect Burma. This is what she said: "Burma is a Buddhist and deeply spiritual land in southeast Asia[…]



You can now meet fellow Prospect Burma grantees in our new Facebook group, available to all students and alumni. If you would like to join please read the instructions in the Student Info section.

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